1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Brandy Sour. Use small bar glass. Take one large teaspoonful of powde red wh ite s uga r, dissolved in a little Apollina ris or s eltzer water-. The juice of ha lf a lemon. One das h o f Curncon,. One wine-g lass of brandy. Fill the glass with s haved icf', s ha ke, and strni n into a_ Claret glass. Ornament with orange a nd berries. Jersey Sour. Use small bai· glo.'18. Take one large teaspoonful of powdered wh it e s ugar, dissolved in a little water. Two 01· three dashes of lemon jui ce. One wine-glass of apple-jack. Fill the glass with shaved ice, s hake up, and strain Into a Claret glass. Ornament with berrif's.

Sherry and Egg. A whiBl>ey glass.

Onl1 egg, Ice cold. One wine-glass Sherry wine.

Before drnpping in the egg, covei· t he bottom of t he ~l ass wi1h a little Sherry. This will prPvc nt t he egg ad her- 111g to the glass; or, after preparing t he egg ns a bove, set the hottle of Sherry before the cus tomer a nd a llow him to help himself. Scotch Whiskey Skin. A small whiskey glass. One wlnc:-glass Scotch whis ke y. Fill glass hnlf full with hot water, put u piece of lemo n peel on top anti serve.

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