1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Hot Gin Sling• .A hot icaler glasa. Ono t easi;>oon s uga r. One wlne·glass Holland !!ia. F iii up wi th hot water; stir well; grate a little nutmPg ou top, and serve.

Brandy Sling. A hot waler 9/ass.

Ono lump s ugar. One wine-glass brandy. F ill up with hot wal.er; stir well; grnte nutmeg on top; sc1·vo. Fur a oold Brandy Sling, uso a lump of ice and cold water. Hot Scotch Whiskey Sling. Hot water g/a&;. A wine-glns s Scotch whiskey. A lump of sugur. A pieco or lemon peel. Fil l glass t h roe-quarters full with boiling water ; grato 11utmeg on top, a11d serve.

Brandy Smash. L_arge bar glass.

Half tablespoon suµar. Half wine glass water.

· t · lep Two or th reo sprigs mint, pressed as In mrn JU • One wino-glass brandy. Fill glass half full fino ico. Stir well ; strain Into a fancy bar glass, and serve.

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