1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Whiskey Smash. Large /Jar glWJB.

Hall tablespoon sugar. Two or three sprigs mint, pressed t o extrm·t essence, as in a jule!J. Half IHI gluss with fin e Ice. One wine-glass whis key. Stir well ; stra in into a fancy or sou1· glass ; dr ess with a little fruit, berries, etc. Serve. Stone Fence. Use large /Jar glaBB. Take one wine-glass of Bourbon o r rye whis key. 'fwo or t hree small Jumps of ice. Fill up the glass wit h sweet cider. A Suydam. One dash orange bitters. One dash AngoAturn. bitters. Then ha nd thn bottle of llquor out and let customer help himself. This 1!:1 an appetizer.

Brandy Shrub. To make three IJILarta.

Take two quarts of brandy. One quart of Shen y .

Two pounds of loaf s ugar dissolved in suf– ficient wat er. Fh-e lemons.

P eel t he rinds of two of the lemons, add the juice of all five, and mix with t he brandy. Cover it close for t h ree days ; then aJd the Sherry nod sugar, s train t hrough a jelly bag, and bottle.

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