1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



R.aspberry Shrub.

To 111ake one gal~n.

T a k e on e quart o! vinegar.

Three quar ts of ripe raspberries. After standing a day, strain It, adding to l·ach pint a pound of s ugar and s kim it clear, while bolling about hal! au hour. Put a wine-g lass of brandy to eaoh pl11t of the shrub when c ool. Two s poonfuls of this ml.xod with a tumbler of water ls an excellent drink In warm weather and lu fevers. Oum Syrup. F ourteen pounds loaf sugar. One gallon water. Boll t ogether for five minutes, and add water to make up two gallons.

Plain Syrup. Six and a half pounds loaf sugar. One-ha.If gallon water. Boil until dissolved and filter through t1au.nel.

Oln Toddy. A whiskey glass. One or two bits of broken loe. H alf teaspoon sugar. · One wine-glass Holland gin.

Rtlr well and ser ve· or you may dissolve the flugar with a little water, put sp~on and lee in glass, and hand the bot1le to the custome1-.

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