1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Hot Apple Toddy.

A hot apple toddy glaBB. Half tablespoon sugar. Half a baked apple.

One wine-glass apple-jack. FIU balance with bot water. , Mix well, using a s poon, grate a little nutmeg on top. Serve, leaving the spoon in the glass.

Brandy Toddy.

One teaspoon sugar dissolved in a lltt lo water. One wine.glass brandy. One lump ice. Stir with a spoon. For hot brandy toddy omit tho ice a nd use hot water.

Tom and Jerry.

Uae punch-bowl for the mixture.

Take twelvt1 fresh eggs.

. Half small bar glass of Jamaica ruru. One and n half teaspoonfuls of g l'ound cinnamon.

Half teaspoonful of gl'ound cloves. Half teaspoonful of grouud a lls pice.

Sufficient fine white suga1-. Beat the whites of t he Pggs to a s tiff froth, a nd the yolks until t hey are as thin as water, t hen mix togethe r and add the s pice and rum, stilĀ· up thorough ly, and thicke n wltli s ugar until the mixture attains the consistence ot a light batter.

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