1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



How to Serve Tom a nd Jerry.

URe d11iall bar gla&1. '£uke o no labl e~ pounful of the ubove mixture. 0110 wine-g lass of brandy.

Fill lhe g la ss wit h boiling water, grate a little nutmeg on top, and s or v" with a s pot•n . Adopts a t the bar, in sor ving Tom and Jerry sometimes employ t ho fo llowing mixture :-One-half brandy, om•-qLuu·– t or Jamaica rum, on e-quarter Sa,nta Cruz rum. For con– venlenco, these prnport lons are mixed and kept In a botthl, o.nd a wine -g lassfu l Is used to each tumbler of Tom and Jer ry, ins t e ad of brandy plain. Tom Collins . Three-q uarters of a ta blospouuful of sugar. Throo ot· Cuur dns hes of limo juice. 'Throo or four pioccs of broken Ice. One wino-g lns s of Old Tom gin. Ouo bottle of plain soda. Mix well with a s poon, strain, and s erve. A.tte 11lio11 must bo paid not to let the foow 0 on as i;preud ovoL· the g lass ; t his drink must be drank as so rnlxod. f tho soda

California Sherry Cobbler. A large bar gtQ88.

Ho.! f to.blospoon sugar. One pony pineapple syrup. One and a half wtne-ghsses of Cal!Iornlo. Sherry. F ill glass with fiue Ice. Stir we ll ; dross with frui ts, and gently pour o. Ut.t lo Port on t op. Servo with a. stru.w.

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