1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Whiskey Cobbler. A large bur glass.

Two wine-g lasses whis key. Half tablespoon sugnr, d issolved well. One and a half tablespoonfuls pineapple syru p. . Fill glass with fine ice; stir well and dress with fruit,s Serve with a straw.


White Lion. Large bar glass. One tablespoon sugat· dissolved in water . Squeeze juice from half a lemon, putting the rind iu !,he glass. Two teaspoonfuls raspberry syrup. One wine-glass St. Croix rum. Hall pony gluss Curacua. Mix well; fiU with fine ice; dl·ess with berries, etc. Serve.

Vermouth Frappee. A large lm r glCUJ8. One and a hair ponies French Vermouth. Half fill glass with s haved ice. Fill up wit h cold seltzer wato1·. .

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