1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Put all together a nd when nearly cool strnin a nd add fifteen pounds brown s ugar. Alter which cut h alf ounce oil of cloves and half ounce oil ciunamon in four o uncE's aJcohol. When lukewarm, put in one pint of yeast nm! in fHteE'n hours skim and filter it. If bottled, t ie, corks d own care– fully.

Lincoln Club Guzzle. One bottle g inger ale. One pony Santa Croix rum. Mix well .

Punch a la Ford. For bottling. Two pounds of lour s ugar. Three dozen lemons. One pint of Cognac. One pint of Jamaica rum.

Tho lrmons should have smooth rinds; peel t ho yellow rinds off quite thin with a s harp knife, place t hem in an earthen metal; arid the s ugur, a nd stir t horoug hly fo 1· n •;trly half an hour to extract tho essentia l oil. Pou1· on boiling water, and st ir until the sugar is complet ely dissolved. Cut and squeeze the len~ on, straining the j uice from tho pits. Place the pits in a j ug and po ur boiling water upon t hem to obtain th~ mucilage from t hem . P our o ne-half of the lemon juice into t he syrnp, strain the water from t he pits, and add it also to the syrup, ta.king car e that the syrup is not too watery. · Next, add more s ugar or lemon juice, to make t h e m ix– ture according to the taste. Lastly, add and stir in the above amount <>f epirits into overy three quarts of lemonade, and bottle. Keep in a cool place,

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