1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Brace Up. Use a large bar glass.

One tnblPsponnful of whlto s ugar. 'l'wo t> r three dashes of bitters . Two o t· t hree dashes of lemon juice. Ono dash of lime juice. T wo da.s hos or anisette. Onn fro:-h egg. T hree-qua.rte rs of a glass of brandy. R n.If g la.ss of s haved ice.

Shake this up t ho rough ly in a. s ha.ker, strain It Into n la rge g lns s , anti fi ll with Vichy or Apollinnris water, and serve .

Brace Up Saratoga. Use large bm· glaas.

One tablespoonful or floe white sugar. T wo or t h ree das hes or Boker's bitters. Three o r four clas hos of lime juice. Two das hes of absir tl:e. Ono fresh egg.

One wine-glass of brandy. Two sma.li lumps ol tCA. Shake th oroug hly, stm!n into nnother glass, and fill with seltzer wntet-. Couperee. Use large soda glass. T ak e one anrl a lmlf pony glasses of brandy. Ono pony gluss Ouracoa (rerl). Fill tho gla.ss one-I hird full or ice cream. Mix thoroughly anti fill t ho glnss nParly fu ll wiLh plain soda.. Grate a. little nutmeg on top and st1rve.

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