1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Caramel. . T ako seven pounds of loaf sugar. One pint of water.

Crus h and dissolve the s ugar in the water; boil It in a fi ve-gallon coppe r lrnttle, stirring occasionally, until it gets brown; whe n It begins to burn, r educe th., fire; let it bur11 unW t h e s mok e becomes ofTunsive to the eyes ; t hen try it by c.l pping n. r od iuto it, and letting a few drops fall into a g lass of cold wate r ; if it settles at t he bottom and crysw1- 1i:lus, so that it w ill crack, It is clone. Then take about half gallon lukewarm water a n d pour It In by degrees, st.irrinir a ll tho t ime . When thoroug tily mixed, filter it while hot. through a coarse flannel filter.

Solferino Coloring.

Take one ounce of solfe rino.

One gaJlon of a lcobol (95 per cent.). Put t hem in a bottle, shake well, and in twenty-foUl h our s it will be ready for use.

Essence of Cognac.

Take on e ounce c•f oil of Cognac.

Half a gallon of spirits (95 per cent.). One gallon of spirits (70 per cent.J. Two ounces of strouj? ammonia. On e pou11•l of fine 1.Jlack tea. Two pounds of pru nes.

Dissolve t he oil of Coµ 11no in tbe 95 per cent. s pi rite i cork 1t. tightly i11 a J,ott.lu a11d let it stauc.l thrnt1 c.la~d, fro· quc11tly s hakin g it, then udd t he ammonia. 1\lash t he prunes (breaking the 1rnrncls) autl put them with the t ea and t he 70 per cent. s pirits into a. stone jar of

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