1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



three gal!ons capacity; cover closoly a nd lcL iL st..nnd for eight. dnys. Filter the liquor, and udd it to tho sol11Lion of oil and ammonia. Bottle rnr 11sP. 'fhis quantity is sufficie nt. for flavoring o ne hundred gallons or brandy. Tincture of Lemon Peel. Cut Into small chips tho peel of twt!Ivo large lemons. P ince in lt glass jar and pour ovor it o no gal lon s piri L,i, 70 per cent. L et it s tand 1111Lil tho lc m.>u peel hus all s unk lo Lho bottom or lho liquor. IL is the n r eady for use wilhuut either flltering or straining. Tincture of Orange Peel. Take one pound or dried orn11gc peel (ground). One gallon of spirits (95 poi· cen t.). Pince them in a closely corked vessel for Len days. Strnh1 a nd bottle for use. Tincture of Cloves. Take one pound of grcund clo,·cs; wu1·111 over n flrP until qulle hot, and put them quickly iuLu a ja1·, pouring on one gullon 95 per cont. alcohol ; cove r t hem air-LighL, a nd let stand for ten days. Drnw off into bottles and close with cork. Tincture of Cinnamon. Pince two pounds of ground cinnILmon inlo a jar with one ga.llon 95 per c1•nt. alcohol, closely covered. AL tho e nd or eight days s train the llquor clea1·; wash the scd i111c11t with one quart proof s pirl tE; strain it ; mix th e two liqtw ro together, nod fillet· throug h blotting pape1·.

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