1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Aromatfo Tincture. T ak e o ne ounce or gi uger.

One oun ce or ci nnamon. Ollo ounco of orange peul. Half 01111cu o( valerinn. T wo quarts of alcohol.

1\Incerat e t ho Ingredients in Iho alcohol in a close vessel for fou rteen dt1ys, tbe11 fi ller through filLC'ring p11p1·1-. 'Ihis Is sometimes employed to g ive a flavor to milk punch, lrnt it m us t be used with precaution. Teu drops are s ufficient for a p int of punch. Capillaire. Take on e pint of clarllled syrup. One wine-glass of Curacoa. Shake well together and bottle. A teaspoonful in cold ;\'Ot er mo.kes a pleasant eau siwre.

Essence of Brandy Punch for Bottling. Take fi\·e gallons of strong brnudy. T hree gallons of plain syrup.

Half pint tincture of lemon peel. Half pint tincture or orange peel. Three ounces tincture of allspice. Half wino-glass tinctur{' of cloves. Mix the t inctures with t he brandy and add the syrup.

Essence of Roman Punch for Bottling. T ake on e quttrt or boiling syrup. One qua1·t of Lrraudy. Que quart of Jamaica. rum. Twenty-one eggs. One lemon.

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