1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Essence of Bourbon Whiskey Punch.

Take four and a half gallons of Bourbon whiskey. Three gallon s of plain syrup.

Hair pi 11t tincture of lemon peel. H alf pint tinetu re of orange peel. '£hrco ounces tincture of allspice. FiYo dosscrl-s poonfuls t incture of clovee.

Mix I.ho t inctures t horoughly with t.he whiskey and then add tho syrup.

Essence of Arrack Punch for Bottling.

Tako ono a nd n half gallon of Batavia Arrack. Thrne gallons of s pirits (70 per cent.). Thrfle gallons of plain syrup. Half pint of tincture of lemon peel. l\~Lx all together, and it is r eady for immediate use.

Essence of Claret Wine Punch for Bottling.

Tako fl ve gallons o[ Ularet wine.

'£wo and a huU gallons of spirit (70 per cent.). Three gallons of plain syrup. One pint of tincture of lemon peel.

HuH pint of raspben y j uice. Ono ounce of tartaric acid.

Ono and a bulf ouncPs of tincture of clovE'S. Ono and a imlf ounces ot t i11 cture of cinnamon.

F irst d issolve t he tRrtaric acid in a small portion of t he spirits . l\olix the tl ncturos with t he remalndPr 1.f the s pirits. Pour the two mixtures toge1her, and add the remainiµg . inl? rndionts.

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