1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Essence of Wine Punch for Bottling. Take fi ve ~nllons of P ort o t· :Ma rseilles wi11c.

Ono aaL. ~. half gallons of s piri ts (70 pe r ce nt.). Three gallcin~ of plain syrup. Thren ounces o~ tarlnric a cl



One pound ra is ins . 'l'hroo 01.111cos br11isod cinna mo n. Ono ounce Virgiuln s nakeroo t. Juice or one ornngo and one lemon . Twenty cloves.

Digest in rum for two months .

Orange Bitters. One and a hair pounds freshly dried o range peel. One and a. ha ir ounces coritm

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