1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Dutch Bitters. Two ounces wormwood. One ounce ch amomile ftowera.

O n o o unce gentian root. Two ( unces orange peel.

One-e ighth ounce powd.-red oloves. Ono-quarter ounce carraway s eecls. Half gl\llon capillaire. •rwo g1Ll1011s proof spirit. Mucurat.u for a month, thon press and filter.

Brandy Bitter!?. Four pounds goutlau root. 'l'wo pounds cardamom seeds. One pound oluuamon bark. Half pound cooblnoal.

Two P" Unds chlreta. Brniso a ll t hese together to the size of barley corns; then n.dd t wo gallons of b randy. Macerate for about 8 mont.h, t h en pres s out all the liquid; to the residue acid ~ne giLllon moro brnnd:y (s omo usu plain spirit), nod after having ". 110 ~ed it to stand o ne cl!ty, press as before; add the two liquids and filter, whoo it will be ready for use. Wormwood Bitter.s. Two drops oil of lemon.

Two drops oil of carraway. •rwo drOi)S of oil a bsinthe.

Two ou11cos e~traot of Ucorloe. H

Dissolve the oils in tho s pirit, and the extracts In water~ itcld both together at once, s hnke violently for some minutes~ 111:'Xt add tho syrup and the remainder of t he water, an

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