1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



" PiclcaMemUp" Bitt e rs . Ono uu11ce Angoslura bark.

Ono ounce ora nge peel. One ounce lemon peel. Hai r ou11ce ehi1 eta.

Ha.If o unce chamomile flowers . Quarter ounce carclumo111seed s. Quarte r ounce ci11 numon bark. Quarter o unce carraway seeds . F our pounds rais in s. Ono and a ha lf gallons s pirits (11 U . P.).

Macerate for a mont h; Lhen press a nd filter.

Angostura Bitters . Four ounces Angos t ura bark. One ounce chumornilc nuwe1·s . Qua 1ter ounce carcl umom seeds. Quarter ounce ciunamo11 bark. Oun uu uce orauge ped . 0110 pound rais ins. T wo ull(l a hair gallons proof s pirit. Alace1ale fo ra month ; t hen pross a11d filte r.

Esse nce of Bitters. Hair puuud orange peel, dried. Qua 1Lcr pounf( orange apples. Hair pound gontiau ruot . Quarlet· pound lemon peel, g rot1nd to powder. Mac<'ralti ror ten days. Add one gtll lou of pure spit"lt. SLra.n wiLh prel:lbUre. Add one qua1·t of soft wa ter.

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