1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox




Brandy Cocktail for Bottling. Take fi vo g a llons of s 1ruug llrundy. Two ga llons of wat or. One •111a rt o f titoughtnn·s bitters. O ur qua rt of g um s.1 rup. 01111 but t.lo of Curncon. Mix th oroughl y, nnd filte r t.hroug h Canton flannel.

Bourbon Cocktail for Bottling.

T ake tho gnllons of Ilouo bou. Two gallons of wa ler. One q uart o f g um syrup.

Two ou11Cl!S of tinctu re of ornuge poeJ. Ono ounce or t luct.uro of Jomou peel. Ono OllllCO o r t inct urti of g ati.1 11. Hulf ounco o [ tincture of cardamoms.

1 Ith So -

Mix tl. csc iugrcd icnts thorough ly, a nd color w fPrin u and carnmol In equal proportions .

Gin Cocktail for Bottling.

T a ke flvo gallons of giu.

Two gallons or water. One quart of g um >yru p.

T wo ounces oi tincture or orange peel. Sevon ounces of tincture of gentian. Half ounce of tincture of cardamoms. Hu.l.f ounce of tincture of lemon peel. Mix the m toget her , and give tho desired cvlor with Sol– fcrino and caramel In equal proportions. ~

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