1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox




Anisette .

Ton ouuces powdered a 11isced. Once ou11c:c puwdurcd c u1 umin s ocd. One ounce powdered orris root . Three ounces lemon peel. Two gallons spirit (30 U. P.). T hree pints capillaire. Macerate the powders and the pefll in the spi ri t for ab:>Ut a month; then filter and add t he oapillairc.


Six ounces orange peel, cu t smull. One drachm cinnamon. Half drachm mace, brnised. One drnchm saffron. One a nd a quart e r gallons spirit l)f win e (14 U P. ). Two pints cupillairo.

Macerate a ll togethe r; In about, twe nt}-one days draw off the liquor through a s tmine r, and prnss the res idue so as to recover any of the liquur it may have re tained; mix both liquors, and filter ohrough flanucl.

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