1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Aqua Bia.nca.

Qunrter ounce essence of lemon Qun l'ter o unce essence of citron. Quartol' ounce essence or amber. <1uarteL· ounco essence of peppermint. QuarLor o unce essence or bergamot. Half oun co esseuco or rose. '.rwo gallo ns proof s pirit. Fivo pints ca.pllla iro.

Mi x all togot,hor ; s hake frequently, nod in ono IDO""th li!Lur t.hroug h ilaunol.

Eau de Cordiale.

Twen ty ounces lemon peel. F our ounces cinnam••n bark, bruised. 'rwo ounces balm, the fresh herb. Two ounces powdered corinnder seed. Two ounces powdered aniseed.

On o ounce powdered mace. Onn ounce powdered nutmeg. T wo and n hnlf ounces rectified spirit (60 O. P.). T wo gallons distilled water. One gallon capilla.lrn.

Macerate the solids for t en days in the s pirits, and clccunt as much liquor as can be got off clear. To the macA u

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