1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Eau D'Absinthe.

Thirty-I hreo 011nccs wormwood. Twent,r-four o unces r..tl 11cd sugar.

Four ounces juniper berries. Q11urtor o unce n.11gclica root. One ourico ci1111a111 on bade Four ounces ornnge flower "·at <'l' Two und a half gallons spirit o f wi ne (11 U. P.).

Bruise the s11gar, l.Je rriPs, wormwood , eLc., in a11 iron mortar or other convcnUonal utens il , allll placu ih•'JU in u wide-mouthed jar; t he n add t he onurfrn wate r and s pirit . Stir them well up e very day for a mon th ; t l1cn press and filter. ·

Eau D'Amis.

Four ounces figs. Four ounces rnis ins. Four ounces dates.

0110 ounce cssl'nce of saITr·o n. Six drops essence of l.Jc:r;;:u11wt. Ten drops essence or citron. One nod a hair gallons proof s1·irit..

Ten pounds hrown s ugar. Six pints disLillell water.

Beat up the figs , dates, oLc., with a part o f the s ugai· until they f1°rm n paste ; place th is i11 it '"ide-mouthe

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