1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Soda Nectar.

Juico of one l emon. T hr oe-quar ter s of a t umblerful of water. Powdor cd white sugar to taste. H nlr smnll tenspoonful car bonate of soda.

Stl'!lln I.ho j u ice of t he l emon, and add it to t he water , with sufficient white sugar to sweeten the whole nicely. \\'h en we ll m i xed put in the soda, stir well, and diink while I.h e m i xt.u ro is i n nn effer vescing stn.te.


'ren ounces car bonate of sodn. Eight ou nces tartaric acid. T hr ee pounds loaf sugar , finely powdered. Four d rnchms essence of l emon.

Let t he powder s be very d ry. M ix them intitnntely, and k eep I.hem fo1· use i n a w ide-mout hed bottle cloE<'IY co1·k c u. P ut two good-sized teaspoonfuls into n tumbler ; pour lu h al f n pint of cold water, stir briskly , and drink off.

Raspberry, Strawberry, Currant, or Orange Effervescing Draughts. ...

T ak e one quart of tho juice of either of the above fruit s, fil ter i t, and boil it into a syrup, with one pound of pow– d er ed l onr sugnr. To this add one ounce n.nd u half of l nr– l.1t1 i c acid. W ticn <'old put it into a bc•tlle and keep it well cod rnd . W hen r equired, fill a half-pi nt t umbler thrte-pnrt s f u ll of waler, nnd ndcl two t nblespoouruls of t he syr up. Then sti1· i n b1 isk 'y a small tenspoonful of cnrbonnt e of soda. Tho color may be improved by add ing n small por– tion of cnC'hi nC'nl tu t he S) rup at the time of boiling.

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