1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox




Cherry Wine. Thirty-five pounds ripe cherries. Five pounrls brown s ugar.

WatPr, s ufficient to make eight gallons. One and n half pint s best French brandy.

Add yeast, and set as ide to ferment.

Red Currant Wine. Seventy pounds red currants , bruised and pressed. Ten pounds brown sugnr. Water, sufficient to fill up n fifteen-gallon cask. Ferment. This yields n pleasant red wine, rnther

ta.rt, but keeps well.

Elderberry Wine. Eight gallons elderbenies. Twelve gallons water. Sixty pounds brown s ugar.

Dissolve by boiling; add yeast and ferme nt ; then ndcl brandy, four pounds, and bung it up for three month!'. Disagreeable when C"!rl, but if m1111..rl wit h nlls piee ani! drank warm in winter t ime, it forms a useful ~tlmulant. Rhubarb Wine. Chop the rhubarb plnnt, drain off t he juice, nnd lo each quart add a quu r~ of water and two pour.de of s ugar. Let it ferment, and bottle when clear.

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