1889 The American Bar-tender's Guide (Australia) by Jerry thomas


Some bar-tenders have a fancy way of serving this driyl.k. I t i s done thus:– Fill to the b rim a p ony - glass of b r andy, cover it with the b a r - glass, then press both g l asses tightly together and turn them over quickly, so that the pony– glass will remain upside down in the bar-glass, with– out a drop of the brandy escaping.

Brandy and Soda {Use large soda-water glass.)

Take 1 wine-glass of brandy.

2 or three small lumps of ice.

Fill up the glass with a bottle of p l ai n soda-water.

This is sometimes called STONE WaLL.

Rhine Wine and Seltzer Water. {Use large bar-glass.) Pour in Rhine wine until the glass is half f u l l . Add two small lumps of ice. Fill the glass with Seltzer water.

Brandy and Gum. (Use small bar-glass.)

Take 2 dashes of gum syrup. 1 small lump of i ce. Hand the bottle to the customer and let him he l p


Serve ice water in a separate glass.

H S K e lO C R T O b R Q C O S a Retail Price,ttd., 1/- dsl/B per plug.

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