1892 The flowing bowl when and what to drink (1892, c1891)







glass with ice,

6 dashes of gum, X of Russian kiimmel, X of brandy, X of vino vermouth, X of creme de cocoa, i dash of parfait amour, the yolks of two eggs.

Shake well, strain and serve.

153. -fruit

Into a mixing-tumbler the juice of half a lemon, a little orange-juice, 1 barspoonful of sugar, 2 barspoonfuls of pineapple syrup, i pony of rich cream, a drink of Santa Cruz rum. Pack your goblet with fine ice,

and shake to the freezing-

and serve.

point; strain into a fancy glass,

154. tUIjtskeg JFvappc.

A large glass with ice,

2 dashes of gum, a drink of whiskey. Shake for 2 minutes, and serve.


l)e Suirge.

A mixing-glass % full of ice, 3 dashes of gum, X of creme de menthe, % of brandy. Shake to the freezing-point; strain, and serve in a cocktail glass.

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