1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



the rind from a slice of lemon, fit it on the inside of the rim of the glass; place a small piece twisted lemon-peel in the centre and fill up with the desired liqueur. Schickler. Pour into a long thin punch-glass one pony of brandy, one pony of grenadine, add one lump of ice, one bottle of cold plain soda; mix with long bar-spoon. Drink during effervescence. Brandy Scaffa. Pour into a cordial-glass one-third maraschino, one-third green chartreuse, oue-third brandy. Be careful to keep the liqueurs in separate layers. Scotch Whiskey and Soda. Place a lump of ice in a long thin glass, add one jigger of Scotch whiskey and a bottle of cold plain soda. Shandy Gaff. In a glass pitcher mix one pint of Bass ale with one bottle of imported ginger ale, or fill a glass half-full of ale, then fill with ginger ale. Sherry and Bitters. Two dashes of Peyschaud or Angostura bitters in a sherry -glass, twist the glass until inside is covered, then fill with sherry.

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