1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Scotch Whiskey Sling (Cold). Is made same as Cold Brandy Sling, using Scotch whiskey in place of brandy.

Whiskey Sling (Cold).

Concoct same as Cold Brandy Sling, substitut- ing plain whiskey for brandy.

Brandy Smash (No. 1). Dissolve one lump of sugar in a mixing-glass with a little water, add a few sprigs of fresh mint, press them gently with a muddler to extract flavor, fill the glass three-fourths full of fine ice, add one jigger brandy ; mix well. Take an old-fashioned champagne glass, place a sprig of mint, stem down, in the hollow stem of glass, trim with fruit, then strain the mixture into the prepared glass. Prepare same as Brandy Smash No. 1, but serve on ice same as Brandy Julep, and add a dash of Jamaica rum before serving. Gin Smash (Strained). Prepare in precisely the same manner as Brandy Smash No. 1, substituting gin for brandy. Brandy Smash (No. 2).

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