1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



let them stand some hours; then whip it, adding a pint of thick cream and the whites of two eggs cut to a froth. Gum Syrup. To two pounds of cut-loaf sugar add one quart of boiling water, stir until dissolved, strain, and when cold it is ready for use. Raspberry Syrup. Take equal parts of raspberry juice and plain syrup, put on the fire and let it come to the boiling point, strain through a thin cloth ; when cold bot- tle and keep in a cool place. Frappe Beef-Tea. Dissolve a bar-spoonful of extract of beef in two jiggers of water, season to taste with celery bitters, pepper and salt, pour into a long thin glass, fill with fine ice; mix well, when cold. Sip with straws. Brandy Toddy (Cold). One lump of sugar dissolved with a little water in a whiskey -glass, add one lump of ice, one jigger brandy, a small piece twisted lemon-peel; mix with small bar-spoon ; leave the spoon in the glass. Serve.

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