1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Amaranth Cocktail. Fine ice in a mixing-glass, two dashes Angos- tura bitters, one jigger whiskey. Mix, strain into a whiskey-glass, and fill up with seltzer; then take a very little fine sugar in a small bar-spoon and stir into the cocktail. Drink during effervescence. Apple Brandy Cocktail. A mixing-glass half-full fine ice, two dashes Peyschaud or Angostura bitters, one jigger apple brandy. Mix and strain into a cocktail-glass. Add a piece of twisted lemon-peel. Armour Cocktail. Fine ice in mixing-glass, three dashes orange bitters, half a jigger sherry, half a jigger Italian vermouth. Mix, strain into cocktail-glass. Add a piece of orange-peel or a maraschino cherry. Bottled Brandy Cocktail. Take two-thirds of a quart brandy, one-third quart water, one pony Peyschaud or Angostura bitters, two ponies gum-syrup. Mix well and bottle. Bottled Holland Gin Cocktail. Prepare same as Bottled Brandy Cocktail, sub- stituting Holland gin for brandy.

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