1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Italian vermouth, half a pony absinthe, half a pony brandy. Mix and strain into cocktail-glass. Twist a piece lemon-peel over top.

Manhattan Cocktail.

Fill mixing-glass half-full ice, add two dashes gum-syrup, two dashes Peyschaud or An- gostura bitters, one half -jigger Italian vermouth, one-half jigger whiske} 7 . Mix, strain into cock- fine

Add a piece of lemon-peel or a cherry.


Manhattan Cocktail, Dry.

Prepare same as Manhattan Cocktail, leaving out syrup and cherry.

Manhattan Cocktail, Extra Dry.

Mix same as Manhattan cocktail. Leave out syrup and cherry, and use French vermouth in place of Italian.

Martini Cocktail.

Half a mixing-glass full fine ice, three dashes orange bitters, one-half jigger Tom gin, one-half jigger Italian vermouth, a piece lemon-peel. Mix, strain into cocktail-glass. Add a maraschino cherry, if desired by customer.

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