1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Plain Egg-Nogg. One fresh egg, one tablespoonful fine sugar, half a jigger brandy, half a jigger St. Croix rum, in a mixing-glass one-fourth full of fine ice ; fill with milk, shake well, strain into long thin glass, grate nutmeg on top. Sherry Egg-Nogg. A mixing-glass one-fourth full fine ice, one fresh egg, one jigger sherry, half a tablespoonful fine sugar; fill up with milk, shake thoroughly, strain into a long thin glass, grate nutmeg on top. Sherry Egg-Nogg (Fancy). Prepare in the same manner as Sherry Egg- Nogg, but add a pony of brandy before shaking. Eye-Opener. A mixing-glass half -full fine ice, half a table- spoonful fine sugar, juice of half a lime, one egg, one jigger old whiskey. Shake well, strain into a long thin bar-glass, fill with siphon vichy. Serve. Mulled Ale (English Style). For each glass take the yolk of one egg, half a tablespoonful fine sugar, and one tablespoonful cream or milk; beat until quite smooth. Heat

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