1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Raspberry Cream Frappe. This delicious temperance drink is made in the following manner: Fill a long thin puDch-glass half-full fine ice, add one jigger raspberry syrup, fill up the glass two-thirds with cream or milk, then

Trim with fruit.

with siphon vichy; mix.


Serve with straws.

French Vermouth Frappe\ Fill two mixing-glasses with fine ice ; one of them one jigger French vermouth. Turn the second glass on top of the first, reverse the glasses so as to allow the liquid to flow from one glass to the other, repeat this until the mixture is very cold, strain into a thin glass, add a squirt of seltzer. Italian Vermouth Frappe. Prepare in the same manner as French Ver- mouth Frappe, using Italian vermouth in place of French. Whiskey Punch Frappe. Prepare same as Brandy Punch Frappe, using whiskey in place of brandy. French Caf6 Royal. Three ponies black coffee, one pony brandy, make very cold. Serve after dinner. pour into

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