1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Half and Half (American Style). A glass half- full of old ale, fill

up with new


Half and Half (English Style). A glass or mug half -full porter, then fill up with ale. Hari-Kari. A mixing-glass half -full fine ice, one tablespoon- ful fine sugar, the juice of half a lemon, one jig- ger Bourbon whiskey; shake well, strain into a long thin glass, fill with seltzer. Trim with fruit. Horse's Neck. Cut the peel from a lemon in one long piece, place in a thin punch-glass, add a bottle of cold imported ginger ale. Hot Apple Toddy. One lump sugar dissolved with a little water in a hot-drink glass, add one jigger apple brandy, a piece lemon peel, a quarter of a baked apple, fill with boiling water; mix, and grate nutmeg on top. Hot Arrack Punch. Two lumps of sugar in a hot-drink glass half- full boiling water, the juice of one-fourth of a

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