1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Tea Lemonade. Prepare in the same manner as a Plain Lemon- ade, using cold tea in the place of water. Limeade. Mix same as Plain Lemonade, using the juice of limes in place of lemon. fine sugar with a little water in a long thin punch-glass, add half a pony raspberry syrup, the juice of the quarter of an orange, the same of lemon, one jigger dry sherry, fill the glass three-fourths full fine ice, then fill with cold water; mix well, ornament with fruit in season. Serve straws. White Lion. Cut the peel of half a lemon from it in one long thin piece, place it in a mixing-glass, add the juice of half a lemon, one tablespoonful fine sugar, one tablespoonful raspberry syrup, one jigger St. Croix rum, one pony curagoa; mix well, put all in a long thin glass, ornament with fruit. Serve straws. Alderman's Nip. A small lump of ice in a whiskey-glass, one dash acid phosphate, a small piece lemon-peel, one Italian Wine Lemonade. Dissolve one tablespoonful

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