1895 Official Hand-Book and Guide Bartender's Association of New York City

2 slices of orange. Fill glass with shaved ice. Pour in claret till gla :s is full. Shake well, trim with fruits, serve with straws. Cold Whiskey Sling, (Use small bar glass.) 1teaspoonful of sugar dissolved in3/8glass of water. 3 pieces of ice. 1wine glass of whiskey. Stir well, grate nutmeg on top. I wine glass of whiskey. Fill the glass half full of hot water. 1piece of lemon peel. Mix with a spoon. Dog Days' Drink. (Use large goblet.) Fill1/3full of lemon sherbet or lemon ice. 1bottle of soda water. Mix and drink. Continental Sour. (Use large bar glass.) 3/8 teaspoonful of fine sugar, dissolve in water. Juice of half a lemon, 1wine glass of whiskey. (See next page.) 16 Columbia Skin. (Use small whiskey glass.)

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