1895 Official Hand-Book and Guide Bartender's Association of New York City

Important to Bartenders.4
Bottled Velvet.5
Bottle of Brandy Cocktail.5
Bottle of Gin Cocktail.5
Brandy and Ginger Ale.5
Brandy and Rum Punch.6
Brandy Soda.6
Brandy Champerelle.6
Brandy Cocktail.6
Brandy Crusta.7
Brandy Daisy.7
Brandy Fix.7
Brandy Fizz.8
Brandy and Gum.8
Brandy Julep.8
Pony Brandy.8
Brandy Punch.9
Brandy Sangaree.9
Brandy Scaffa.9
Collender Cooler.9
Brandy Straight.10
Brandy Sling.10
Brandy Smash.10
Brandy Sour.10
Brandy Toddy.11
Burnt Brandy and Peach.11
Brandy Flip.11
California Sherry Cobbler.12
California Wine Cobbler.12
Catawba Cobbler.12
Century Club Punch.12
Champagne Cobbler.13
Champagne Cocktail.13
Champagne Julep.13
Champagne Punch.14
Champagne Sour.14
Cider Nectar.14
Cider Punch.14
Claret Cobbler.15
Claret Cup.15
Claret Punch,15
Cold Whiskey Sling,16
Columbia Skin.16
Dog Days' Drink.16
Continental Sour.16
Cordial Lemonade.17
Claret Punch.17
Curacoa Punch.17
Draught Lemonade.17
East India Cocktail.18
Egg Lemonade.18
Egg Milk Punch.18
Plain Egg Xogg.19
Fancy or Imperial Egg Noggs19
Egg Nogg.19
Egg Kogg for Party.19
Gin and Calamus.20
El Dorado Punch.20
Fancy Brandy Smash.20
Fancy Gin Cocktail.20
Egg Sour.21
Fancy Whiskey Smash.21
Fish House Punch.21
Gin and Calamus.20
El Dorado Punch.20
Fancy Brandy Smash.20
Fancy Gin Cocktail.20
Egg Sour.21
Fancy Whiskey Smash.21
Fish House Punch.21
Gin and Milk.22
Gin and Molasses.22
Gin and Pine.22
Gin and Tansy.22
Gin and Wormwood.23
Gin Cocktail.23
Gin Flip.23
Gin Daisy.23
Gin Fix.24
Gin Fizz.24
Gin Crusta.24
Gin Julep.25
Gin Punch.25
Gin Sangaree.25
Gin Sling.26
Gin Smash.26
Gin Sour.26
Gin Straight.27
Gin Toddy.27
Ginger Daisy.27
Glasgow Flip.27
Glasgow Punch.27
Golden Fizz.28
Golden Slipper.28
Grassot Punch.28
Hot Rum.29
Hot Spiced Rum.29
Hot Scotch Whiskey Sling.29
Hot Whiskey Punch.29
Hot Whiskey Sling.30
Imperial Punch.30
Italian Wine Lemonade.30
Jamaica Rum Sour31
Mikado Cocktail31
Jersey Cocktail.31
John Collins.31
Kirschwasser Punch.32
Manhattan Cocktail.32
Medford Rum Punch.33
Medford Rum Smash.33
Medford Rum Sour.33
Metropolitan Cocktail.34
Milk Punch.34
Mint Julep.34
Mississippi Punch.34
Mulled Claret.35
Mulled Claret, No. 2.35
Orgeat Lemonade.35
Mulled Claret and Egg.36
National GuardPunch.36
Old Tom Gin Cocktail.36
Orchard Punch.36
Orgeat Punch37
Phil'a Boating Punch.37
Port Wine Cobbler.37
Port Wine Punch.37
Port Wine Sangaree.38
Pousse Cafe.38
B. B. C. Pousse Cafe.38
Pousse Cafe, French.38
Pousse Cafe.38
Pousse l'Amour.39
Rhine Wine Lemonade39
Rock and Rye Whiskey.39
Roman Punch.39
Rum Flip.40
Rum Daisy.40
St. Charles Punch.40
St. Croix Crusta.40
St. Croix Fix.41
St. Croix Rum Punch.41
St. Croix Rum Fizz41
St. Croix Sour.41
Santa Cruz Fix.42
Santa Cruz Sour.42
Sauterne Cobbler.42
Sherry and Bitters.43
Sherry Egg Nogg.43
Sherry Egg Nogg, La Mode.43
Sherry Flip.43
Sherry Wine Punch.43
Silver Fizz.44
Bensinger Punch.44
Soda Cocktail.44
Soda Lemonade.44
Stone Wall.44
Tip-Top Punch.45
Tom and Jerry.45
How to Serve Tom and Jerry.45
Miller's Tom and Jerry.46
How to Serve Tom and Jerry.46
Cold Tom and Jerry46
No. 1 Tom Collins, Gin.46
No. 3, Whiskey.47
No. 2, Brandy.47
U. S. Punch.47
Vanilla Punch.47
Vermouth Cocktail.48
Plain Vermouth Cocktail.48
Whiskey Cocktail.48

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