1895 Official Hand-Book and Guide Bartender's Association of New York City

Kirschwasser Punch. (Use large bar glass.) 3 teaspoonfuls of fine sugar, 2 dashes of lemon juice. 3 dashes of yellow chartreuse, water to dissolve. 3/8 glass of ice, 1 glass of kirschwasser. Mix well, trim with fruit, serve with straws. Nickerbein. 1/2glass of vermillion cordial, yolk of 1 egg, cover the egg with benedictine. 1/2 glass of kimmel, 2 drops of Caron1Bitters. See that the different ingredients are not mixed. I teaspoonful of raspberry syrup, juice of half a lemon. 1 slice pineapple. 1 slice of orange. 1 wine glass of Santa Cruz, 4 dashes of curacoa. Fill with fine ice, stir, trim with fruit. Manhattan Cocktail. (Use small wine glass.) 1/2 pony of whiskey, 1 pony vermouth, mix well. No. 2, SAME. (Use small bar glass.) Knickerbocker. (Use large bar glass.)

2 dashes of gum syrup, 3 dashes of Caron1 Bitters.

2 dashes of curacoa, 2 dashes of Caron1 Bitters.

3/8 wine glass of whiskey, 3/8 wine glass of (See next page.) 32

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