1895 Official Hand-Book and Guide Bartender's Association of New York City

Jamaica Rum Sour

(Use large bar glass.) 2 tablespoonfuls of fine sugar. Dash of mineral water, 4 dashes of lemon juice. Fill the glass | full of fine ice. 1 wine glass of Jamaica rum. Mix well, strain into a sour glass, trim with fruit and serve. Mikado Cocktail. (Use small bar glass.) 1 tablespoonful of orgeat syrup, 1 dash of Caron1Bitters. 2 pieces of lemon peel. Fill the glass half full of ice. 1 wine glass of brandy. Mix well, strain into a cocktail glass. Jersey Cocktail, (Use small bar glass.) 2 teaspoonfuls of sugar, 2 dashes of Caron1Bitters. 7 lumps of ice, fill with cider. Mix well, and serve with lemon peel over. John Collins. (Use largest size bar glass.) 1teaspoonful of fine sugar, 2 dashes of lemon juice. 1 wine glass of gin,1/2doz. lumps of ice. 1 bottle of soda. Mix well, and take out the spoon.


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