1895 Official Hand-Book and Guide Bartender's Association of New York City

Gin and Milk.; (Use whiskey'glass.) Put out glass and bottle of gin for cusĀ­ tomer to help himself. Fill the glass with rich, iced milk and mix. with a spoon. Gin and Molasses. (Use whiskey glass.) Cover the bottom of the glass with gin. 1tablespoonful of molasses. Let customer help himself to gin. Mix with a spoon. Clean the glass after the drink with hot water. Gin and Pine. (Use whiskey glass.) Put 3 ounces of splinters from the heart of a green pine log into a bottle of gin. Steep 2 hours. Put a lump of ice in the glass and hand, out the bottle for the customer to help lum- self.

Gin and Tansy. (Use whiskey glass.),

A good tonic. Soak a bunch of tansy in a bottle of


Serve a glass with ice, and let the gent help himself. 22

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