1895 Official Hand-Book and Guide Bartender's Association of New York City

into which strain the liquid ; crown with a piece of peach or apricot. For cold weather this is hot.

Hot Rum. (Use small bar glass.)

2 lumps of sugar. Hot water enough to dissolve the sugar. 1lump of butter. 1wine glass of Jamaica rum. Fill with hot water. Mix fine, nutmeg over. Hot Spiced Rum. (Use small bar glass.) 1teaspoonful of sugar. Hot water to dissolve. I wine glass of Jamaica rum. 1teaspoonful mixed cloves and allspice, 1lump of butter half as big as a cherry. Fill with hot water and mix.

Hot Scotch Whiskey Sling. (Use hot water bar glass.)

1/2 lump of sugar. 3/4 glass of hot water. I piece of lemon peel.

1wine glass of Scotch whiskey. Mix well, grate nutmeg over.

Hot Whiskey Punch.

2 pieces of sugar. 1wine glass of hot water.

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