1895 Official Hand-Book and Guide Bartender's Association of New York City

1/2 wine glass of Jamaica rum. Stir well.

Rub the edge of a fizz glass with lemon, strain the liquid into the same, add a drop of lemon juice.

Golden Fizz. (Use large bar glass.)

1tablespoonful of sugar. 4 dashes of lemon juice, 1wine glass of Old Tom gin or whiskey. Yolk of one egg. 2/3 glass of shaved ice. Shake well, strain into a large fizz glass, fill up with mineral water, mix with spoon. Golden Slipper. (Use wine glass.) wine glass yellow chartreuse. Yolk of one egg. wine glass of danziger goldwasser. Don't let the yolk of the egg run into the liquors. Grassot Punch. (Use large bar glass.) 2 teaspoonfuls of simple S )'rup. 1teaspoonful of strawberry syrup, 1gill of water. Cut up peel of small lemon. 1 wine glass of brandy. 2 drops of curacoa. 1drop of acetic acid. Stir slowly, put some ice into a goblet, (See next page.) 28

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