1895 Official Hand-Book and Guide Bartender's Association of New York City

Enough water to dissolve the above. Fill the glass with fine ice. 1 1/2 wine glasses of port wine. Mix well, trim with fruits, serve with straws. Port Wine Sangaree. (Use small bar glass.) 1teaspoonful of fine sugar dissolved in a little water, 3 small lumps of ice, 13/8 glasses of port wine. Mix, remove the ice, grate nutmeg on top. 1/4 maraschino, 1/4 curacoa, 1/4 green char­ treuse, 1/4 brandy. Keep the liquors in dif­ ferent layers. B. B. C. Pousse Cafe. (Use sherry glass.) 1/2 glass of raspberry syrup, 1/4 glass of maraschino, 1/4 glass vanilla, 1/4 glass red curacoa, 14 glass yellow chartreuse, 1 glass brand)'. Keep each liquor in layers. Pousse Cafe, French. (Use sherry glass.) 5 drops of raspberry syrup, 1/2 glass of maraschino, glass of curacoa, glass of chartreuse, 1/4 glass of brandy. Keep the layers apart. Pousse Cafe. (Use small wine glass.) 1/3 glass of curacoa,1/3glass of kirschwasser. 1/4 glass of chartreuse. Keep in divided layers. 38 Pousse Cafe. (Use sherry glass.)

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