1895 Official hand-book and guide (1895)

Plain Egg Xogg.

(Use large bar glass* >

i tablespoonful of sugar, i egg. i wine glass of whiskey.. Y 2 glass of shaved ice. Fill the glass with milk. Shake well, strain, grate nutmeg on top*

Fancy or Imperial Egg Noggo

(Use large bar glass.)

i tablespoonful of sugar, i tablespoonful of cold water, i egg. 3^ glass of fine ice. i wine glass of brandy, i pony of rum. Shake well, strain into a large bar glass, grate nutmeg on top.


(Use large bar glass.)

2 teaspoonfuls of powdered sugar, i egg. 4 small pieces of ice. Fill the glass with cider, mix well*

E SS Nogg for Party. (Use large punch bowl.) Same as the " Imperial" egg nogg, multi- . plying the quantity of each by the number of persons to be served.


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