1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Oyster Cocktail. Use medittm wine-glass. Enough catsup to fill the bottom of the glass. Two medium-size oysters. Pepper and salt to season well. One dash lemon juice and serve. (Larger glasses and larger portions are served in restaurants ).

Martini Cocktail. Use large ba1' glass.

Fill glass with ice. Two dashes gum syrup. Two or three dashes bitters. One dash Curacoa-absinllie, if asked for.

One-half wine-glass Olcl Tom gin. One-half wine-glass Vermouth.

Stir with spoon, and after stra ining in cocktail glass, put in cherry or olive, and serve ·after squeez– ing lemon peel on top.

Montana Cocktail. Use"large b:r~-glass. · Three-quarters full of shave'd. ice. Two dashes Anisette. Two dashes bitters. Qne:half wine-glass Frel'.rch Vermouth.

Stir with: spoo11, strain in cocktail g lass, and serve, after squeezing piece of lemon peel on top.

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