1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Brandy Straight. Use small barglass.

Put a piece of ice in the glass and let theĀ·customer serve himself from the bottle, with water onĀ·the side. Whiskey Straight and Gin Straight are served in the same way.

Brandy and Gum. Use w!tiskey glass. Three or four dashes gum syrup. One or two lumps ice.

Place a spoon in the g lass, and hand with a bottle of brandy to the customer. \Vhen any otherJiquor is called for it is used in the same manner.

Pony Brandy. Use small barglass. Set before the customer a small bar glass, and another containing ice water. Fill a pon:Y glass with best brandy, and pour it into the empty glass. The fancy way to serve is to fill a pony glass to the brim with brandy, cover it with the inverted bar glass, press both glasses tightly together and turn them over quickly, so the pony glass will remain upside-down in the bar glass without the brandy escaping.

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