1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Brandy and Ginger Ale. Use la1ge soda glass. One wine-glass brandy. Two or three lumps of ice. Fill glass with imported ginger ale.

Brandy Daisy. Use large barglass. One-half tablespoonful sugar. Two dashes lemon juice. Dissolve well with spoon in a squirt of seltzer. One-half g lass yellow Chartreuse. Fill with shaved ice. Add one glass brandy. Stir with spoon, put fruitĀ· in bar g lass, strain liquor into it, and serve. Gin Daisy. Use small bar glass. Take three or four d:i shes of orgeat, or gum syrup. Three dashes of Maraschino. '' The juice of half a small lemon. One wine-glass of Holland gin. Fill glass one-third full of shaved ice. Stir with .spoon, strain into a large cocktail ,glass, and fill up with seltzer or Apollinaris water.

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