1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Gin Fix. Use large bar glass. One-half tablespoonful sugar in a little seltzer. One-half pony pineapple syrup. Fill glass with fine ice. One wine-glass of Holland gin. Stir well. Dress with fruits and serve with a straw.

Whiskey .Fix. Use large bar glass.

Three-quarter glass fine ice. One-half tablespoonful sugar. Two or three dashes lemon juice. Half pony pineapple syrup. One wine-glass whiskey.

Stir well and dress with fruit.

Serve with a


Brandy Fizz. Use large bar g lass. One-half tablespoonful fine sugar. Three dashes lemon.juice. . ,Ooe :wine-gl,ass br;i.ndy. , = . . • One or, twp ~aslies:of '\Ypit~_of egg. Three-quai:tl';rs.!>f gl<1$5 ii;ie.ice. ·

Mix with spoon and.strain into .a_-fizz glass; fill up with seltzer or 'vichy. This must be drank immed– iately.


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