1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Sherry Egg Nogg. Use laig e bar glass. Half tablespoonful sugar. One egg.

One pony glass brandy. One wine-glass sherry. Fill up with fine ice, shake well ; strain into a fancy bar g lass. Serve with nutmeg on top.

Ale Punch. Take one quart of mild ale. One glass of white wine. One glass of brandy. One glass of Capillaire. One lemon.

Mix: the ale, wiue, brandy and Capillaire together with the juice of the lemon and a portion of the peel pared very thin. Grate nutmeg on the top and add a bit of toasted bread.

Champagne Punch. Serve in champagne goblets. One quart bottle of wine. Three tablespoonfuls sugar. One orange sliced. The juice of one lemon. Two slice!! of pineapple cut in small pieces. ,, " Dress with fruit and serve in champagne goblets.


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