1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Roya1 Punch. For a small party.

One pint bot green tea. One-ha lf pint brandy. One-half pint Jamaica rum.

One wine-glass Curacoa. One wine-glass Arrack. Juice of two limes. A slice of lemon. White sugar to taste. One gill of warm calf's foot jelly.

To be drank as hot as possible.

Milk Punch. Use large bar glass. Three-quarters tablespoonful powdered sugar.

One-third glass fine ice· One win€.-glass brandy. One-half wine-glass St. Croix rum.

Fill with pure milk, shake well, strain in fancy bar glass, and serve after grating nutmeg on top. NOTE.- For a cheaper milk punch use whiskey instead of brandy. Hot Milk Punch. USt! large bar glass. Make same as ordinary milk punch, but use hot milk.


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