1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Roman Punch. Use large bar glass

Half fill glass with fine ice. One tablespoonful sugar. Two or three dashes lemon juice. Juice of half an orange. One-quarter pony glass Curacoa. Half wine-g lass brandy. Half pony glass Jamaica rum. Stir well with spoon. Dash with port wine. Dress with fruit. Serve with straws.

Santa Cruz Rum Punch. Use large bar g lass. One tablespoonful powdered white sugar, dissolved in a little water. One wine-g la£s Santa Cruz rum. One-quarter wine-g lass J amaica rum. Two or three dashes lemon juice. . One slice of orange (cut in quarters). Fill the tumbler with shaved ice, shake well, and dress the top with sliced lime and berries in season. Serve with a straw.



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