1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Brandy Sangaree. Use small bar glass.

Two lumps ice. One-half wine-glass water. One-half tablespoonful sugar. One glass brandy. Stir with spoon, grate nutmeg on top and serve. It may be strained.

Porter Sangaree. Use large bar g.lass. One-half tablespoonful sugar, dissolved in a little water. Three or four lumps ice. Fill up with porter. Stir well ; remove the ice, grate nutmeg on top and serve.

Port Wine Sangaree. Use smrzll /Jar glass.

One or two lumps ice. One teaspoon ful sugar. One and a half wine-glasses port wine. Shake well; remove ice, grate a little nutmeg on top and serve.

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